Industry Best

TOKA food has been specialising in supplying meat and meat products guaranteeing clients receive the best quality available in market. From Product to Product we make sure we always have enough of everything to guarantee our customers’ satisfaction. We supply our clients with the best quality Product available in Europe. We offer our clients with a wide range of options, and they always come back happy. Get ready to shop ’til you we drop – we can’t wait to help you get your meat on the production table. TOKA food believes that the key to a healthy and balanced lifestyle starts with a person’s diet. That is why we only supply our clients with the very best Product one can get in the business area.


  • If you’re looking for top quality products, you’ve come to the right place.
  • If you’re a fan of MEAT product, you’ve come to the right place.


We will supply our clients with the best products in the market to ensure their business running on time with production team being satisfied. We are aiming to become leaders in the meat supply industry and we make sure our customers feel it.


Businesses each day are more and more globalised not only in the food industry. Walls and borders are no longer a issue, so there are opportunities for both the sellers and the buyers of raw materials and products in different countries. In the meat sector, part of the raw material is bought only in an occasional due to the lack of constant communication  with the suppliers, often results in the offered prices and quantities available, or the absence of complete communication. TOKA FOOD has been working in the meat industry for long time, so the existing links guarantee the results, which is welcomed by both parties.